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21: GitHub Copilot vs Resharper

We speculate whether the Rabbit r1 is using a headless web browser under the hood, and talk about the power of Copilot and how it compares to previous code accelerator & refactoring tools.


  • An AI agent that automatically changed you to the cheapest provider
  • Knock off products on Amazon
  • Using GitHub Copilot to act as a programming language translator
  • Copilot’s lack of knowledge of newer or less popular languages
  • Resharper’s powerful templates
  • Code refactoring tools
  • Structural vs text editors
  • Being able to skip automated tests that are known to be deterministic!
  • Using universal formats as a lingua franca in WebAssembly
  • Is the Rabbit r1 is using a headless web browser to do its bidding?
  • Rabbit r1 using fuzzy AI to interpret fuzzy web pages because we don’t have open precise APIs